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In here, you will find all there is to know about the SS Nomadic - her design, her service life, her various conversions and how she looks today. But the research never ends and on here is where you will find the latest news as well as links to a very busy Facebook page. As the world's leading research organisation into the SS Nomadic, the Nomadic Preservation Society looks forward to welcoming you aboard.

Latest News...

Society AGM 14th September 2013 On Board SS Nomadic, Hamilton Dock, Belfast


On a beautiful warm and dry evening the society held its AGM on board the newly restored SS Nomadic in the Hamilton Dock, Belfast for the first time. This was a perfect setting for the event and the vessel was made available to us by the Nomadic Charitable Trust in conjunction with the Nomadic Trading Arm. Forty nine members, whom included the Chairman David Scott-Beddard, David Lawrence, Rupert Keyzar and many others from across the water, attended what proved to be a memorable and momentous occasion.

The Chairman David Scott-Beddard welcomed everyone on board and introduced Dr. Dennis Rooney, the Chairman ofS6303074 the Nomadic Charitable Trust, thanking him for attending and inviting him to speak to the members about the progress since Nomadic opened her doors to the public on June 1st 2013. Dr Rooney welcomed everyone on board stating it was good to see so many NPS members attending. He said that it had taken 7 long years through the Public Accounts Departments of Government to reach the position in which Nomadic found herself today, and he was glad to have got her to this momentous place.

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The Belfast Child

Belfast ChildThis book is a must for all Nomadic fans. This unique insight into the ship's condition and subsequent initial strip out after arriving home is hugely revealing! You won't find anything better...

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