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In here, you will find all there is to know about the SS Nomadic - her design, her service life, her various conversions and how she looks today. But the research never ends and on here is where you will find the latest news as well as links to a very busy Facebook page. As the world's leading research organisation into the SS Nomadic, the Nomadic Preservation Society looks forward to welcoming you aboard.

Latest News...

SS Nomadic Lifeboat Number '2' Latest


Further to discussion with other committee members, it was decided that some means would have to be made as to the transportation, movement and display of the lifeboat.

Fortunately a short distance from committee member Ian Kinnaird's premises is a light engineering works, Chris Weir Engineering, who agreed to make a cradle. The cradle allows the lifeboat to be lifted by forklift, rolled on lockable casters or lastly, be able to lift the lifeboat entirely from the cradle with slings - the latter not recommended!

The cradle is made so that the lifeboat is not overwhelmed with metal structures when on view. Adding to this, a base was made to support the old keel which can be displayed alongside the lifeboat. This can be clamped to the side of the cradle and all transported as one. One person can easily move both the lifeboat and cradle on a level surface.

We are very pleased to say that the lifeboat is ready for display - and in fact we now have our first exhibition (but more about that soon...)

The following photographs give and idea of what she looks like now...

The Belfast Child

Belfast ChildThis book is a must for all Nomadic fans. This unique insight into the ship's condition and subsequent initial strip out after arriving home is hugely revealing! You won't find anything better...

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