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About This Website

In here, you will find all there is to know about the SS Nomadic - her design, her service life, her various conversions and how she looks today. But the research never ends and on here is where you will find the latest news as well as links to a very busy Facebook page. As the world's leading research organisation into the SS Nomadic, the Nomadic Preservation Society looks forward to welcoming you aboard.

Latest News...

Happy New Year 2015


The Nomadic Preservation Society would like to wish you all a very
Happy New Year 2015!

If you wish to join the NPS, please click here! If you are an exisiting member, you will be sent an automatic email when it is time for you to renew.

Lastly, a special New Year gift for you (we recommend you 'full size' the screen too) - not just one, but two famous ladies...

The Belfast Child

Belfast ChildThis book is a must for all Nomadic fans. This unique insight into the ship's condition and subsequent initial strip out after arriving home is hugely revealing! You won't find anything better...

Click on the book image to buy it from our shop now!

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