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In here, you will find all there is to know about the SS Nomadic - her design, her service life, her various conversions and how she looks today. But the research never ends and on here is where you will find the latest news as well as links to a very busy Facebook page. As the world's leading research organisation into the SS Nomadic, the Nomadic Preservation Society looks forward to welcoming you aboard.

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We have switched our donations to the secure donation site myDonate meaning we get all the money donated to us and our various projects and allows UK donators to have the option to use the Giftaid facility. It also allows anyone who fancy's getting involved in sponsored activities to chose NPS as a recepitant.

We are kicking off with a fundrasing event for the lifeboat:


Titanic Nomadic Convention 2016 announced

Further details can be found HERE


British Titanic Society Convention - April 2015

The NPS will have a stall manned by committee members and our chairman will be giving a lecture at the British Titanic Society's annual convention at around 10.30am. Please feel free to join us on Saturday 11th April at the Grand Harbour hotel in Southampton during the 'open day'.


Ingineur Minard

So if you can make it, do come up and make yourself known - we look forward to seeing you there!

The Belfast Child

Belfast ChildThis book is a must for all Nomadic fans. This unique insight into the ship's condition and subsequent initial strip out after arriving home is hugely revealing! You won't find anything better...

Click on the book image to buy it from our shop now!

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